Ryan gives 100% focus and patience to training your horse to be the most successful that it can be.  His number one concern is for your horse's health and soundness.  He can not stress this enough to his clients.  A successful horse is a happy, healthy and sound horse whether the horse is a two year old or a finished bridle horse.  No matter which discipline you are involved in, your horse will receive quality training and horsemanship here at Crawford Quarter Horses.  Ryan is the only trainer here at Crawford Quarter Horses and will be the only one working with client horses.


Any horse/horses that are coming into Crawford Quarter Horses facility are required to be up-to-date on vaccinations.  It is required that all incoming horses have a 5-way, West Nile, and Strangles vaccine.  Ryan also requires a written proof of receipt on the horse/horses receiving the vaccines.  Show horses kept at Crawford Quarter Horses facility will be given the 5-way and West Nile vaccines once a year at client's expense.

Please look over Ryan's training rates and contracts which are found below.


* $750 - training with no cattle per month

* $850 - training with use of cattle per month


Click here for Training Agreement

Click here for Equine Release of Liability

Click here for Owner Information Sheet